A Hungarian progressive rock band

 "Saint-Exupéry álma" - a symphonic prog concept album - OUT NOW!
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The progressive rock band

- the new album WAS released in 2022
- the live cd "a moonlit night in budapest" coming in september
-The band soon will play shows all over europe

YESTerdays is once again a seven piece live band. Follow our Facebook and instagram for details.

YESTERDAYS' 4th album Is a concept album, it is more than 73 minutes long,It was written in 3 months. 

Big plans for 2023... the first live yesterdays album, recorded in budapest 2007 is coming.

Yesterdays is a Hungarian symphonic progressive rock band. After releasing three studio albums (in Hungary, France, Japan, Finland, Romania), several singles and a few EP-s, the project had just released the 4th studio album (on October 22nd 2022), 

the 4th album "saint-exupéry álma" (saint-exupéry's dream) is a 74 minute long concept album about exupéry's plane crash in the libyan desert and of course the little prince story. It had everything you'd expect from a vintage sounding progrock album. tons of mellotrons, moogs, distorted bass guitars, flutes, multiple vocal harmonies (6-8 voice harmonies). strong yes, genesis and gentle giant influences...

The 3rd album called "Senki madara" features hungarian folk songs with vintage progressive rock arrangements, with Yesterdays' taste, with influences from Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Camel. Lush mellotron waves, string quartet arrangements, flute, heavy drumming, strange instruments (furniture and coffee mugs), multi-layered vocals, acoustic guitars and lots of FUZZ!

The project's musical style has been compared by various reviewers to Yes, Quidam, Camel, Pat Metheny, Anna Maria Jopek, Eclipse (from Brazil) and Genesis.

This project is led by Bogáti-Bokor Ákos, who built a live band for live performances and recordings, forming many-many line-ups in the last 10-12 years.



Phone: +4 0740 375 764                     


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